Monday, February 2, 2015

Spongebob Takes over the Cartooning Club!

 Spongebob: Sponge Out of Water will hit theaters everywhere very soon. The Cartooning Club was privileged to get an early peek into the new Spongebob movie during the January meeting as we gave away eight early preview tickets, four plush dolls, two bags of Crabby Patty gummy candies and a stack of posters and activity sheets. Club attendees also got a set of animator's sheets showing the standards for posing, expressions, backgrounds, good silhouette recognition and more tips and ideas to make any picture, comic or cartoon better.
Scroll through the pictures to see some of the fun! (Photos courtesy of Lindsey Shuford)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Charlotte Mini-Con January 31

Convention season normally runs through the summer months and a little into the fall, winding down finally in November with the New York Comic Con. But if you need to get your convention fix on, then prepare yourself for the Charlotte Mini-Con on January 31.
 Taken directly off the blog page at is a quick summary of what to expect:

Bring a non-perishable food item and register here for FREE admission!
Charlotte’s longest running comic convention!
Featuring great vendors and comic creators!
Complete 2015 Charlotte MiniCon Guest List (so far)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Star Wars Reads Day III

Star Wars Reads Day III happened back in October but I am still going to go ahead and report on it because 1) it was a majorly cool event, 2) it will be a great lead-in for all the Star Wars stuff that will be going on in 2015, and 3) people love Star Wars!

 This was the second Star Wars Reads Day the Union West Library has hosted (the first being in 2013) and it was a mixed bag as the library and the publishers/promoters continue to refine the event. The 2013 event had me begging from publishers and publicists and getting some great swag to give away. This year, an order form went out over net and the moment I got it, I began to request freebies from it. Several items were already coming up as "Gone" or "Out" but I put my name in for just about everything I could. I was pleasantly surprised when some of the "Out" posters arrived anyway! A couple things came a day or two after the event; no worries- I have something to start with for next year, right? So maybe not as much stuff came this year and some of it didn't get here on time, but I did like the idea of placing orders for what you did or didn't want for your event.

The library was anticipating a crowd of about 300 people, because that is pretty much how many came the year before. To ensure that things kept moving and to prevent people from hogging certain events, we tried handing out Vader Bucks. Everyone that came in the door got a stack of Vader bucks and each station had a cost. There were enough Vader Bucks for a person to go to every station and revisit almost all of them a second time. The giveaways were also purchased with Vader Bucks, ensuring everyone had an opportunity to get something.

This year's stations were similar to last year's- book tables filled with Star Wars books and videos for Teens and adults, and a book table for kids. There was the Star Wars Shooting Gallery, the Lightsaber Duels, Jedi Crafting Area, and the Lego Shipyard, manned by the Lego Store's Mark Harmon, with a very impressive X-Wing model on display!

The highlight of the day was a visit from Darth Vader himself, who came to oversee our festivities on behalf of the Carolinas Garrison of the 501st Legion.

A young Luke Skywalker!

Princess Leia coloring pages were VERY popular!

Darth Maul, Jr!

Sometimes a t-shirt and lightsaber says it all...

Shooting range, speed round! the hat... steady...

If you're in a duel and the other guy wears a cape- consider yourself outclassed!

Excellent blocking stance!

Anyone spot Han Solo yet? He's the one in carbonite on the back wall.

Darth Vader LOVES kids!!!

"We meet at last, Obi Young!"

"Seriously, where did you park the AT-AT?"

Legos! Legos! Legos! Legos! Legos!


See you next year!

2015 is here, time to get rolling again!

This blog has been down way too long, but to be honest, life gets in the way sometimes. Deaths, jobs, unexpected happenings, changing relationships- it never stops moving. But still, the last post should have at least been about Star Wars Reads Day II back in October. So if you come back, or happen to wander across this haphazard gem, come back later for some intergalactic goodness! And have a safe, sane and happy new year!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Batman Day- the video!

Here is a video photo-montage of Batman Day from Saturday, July 26 at the Union West Library in Indian Trail. The video was made by Al Bigley with pictures from several sources. Al is a comic book and concept artist and his credits include working on the style guide art and the packaging art for products for Batman: The Animated Series. If you ever bought a toy from that line or a Happy Meal from McDonald's back then, then you were looking at Al's artwork- no matter where in the world you were. It goes without saying, Al is a Batman fan! Check out his blog here:

Monday, July 28, 2014

Batman Day Report!

Everybody wants to be Batman! That fact was made evidently clear to me when I saw the response to our Batman Day event at the Union West Library. Estimations put the crowd for our two hour event at about 160 people, and about 45 people enjoyed the movie, Subzero.
  We had a Joker ball toss game, a Batman and Villain logo matching game, a Justice League Soduku, and coloring pages, but it seemed the hit of the day was the Batrope Vs. Mr. Freeze's Tower where one child would build a tower from white foam blocks and another would toss a Batrope over it and try to pull the tower down. Just getting the rope where each player wanted was tougher than it looked- and at just four feet away! Plenty of bookmarks, coloring pages, posters, buttons, masks, tattoos, posters and comics were given out.
 Along with all of that, there was a drawing for comic packs,  Batman keychains and a Lego Batman set!
 It was a library, so naturally, all books and videos with any connection were put up on display for checkout- kids stuff in the children's area, the more graphic and adult stuff in the adult and teen area. Volunteers helped carry the day to successful close. Branch Manager Hannah Terrell handed out tickets for the drawings and popped popcorn for the movie. Circulation Manager Nancy Thompson came in on her day off and guided people into the building, ran the Joker ping-pong ball game, and helped with clean-up after the movie. Terri Savago in Children's donned her gear and was Bat-Gram, taking on all requests for books, taking pictures and helping to keep things on schedule. And the circulation staff handled the crowd while checking materials in and out and helping in the children's area.
 The featured guest was Batman who made an appearance in his "old-school" uniform along with the more modern Red Robin. 
Among the more interesting heroes in attendance was a Batman in flip-flops, a Captain America (what's HE doing here?!), and an amalgamation that could be Venom Batman or Batvenom! All in all, a very cool day of fun for our little Bat-fans!