Thursday, January 28, 2010

Artist Profile: Al Bigley

If Al Bigley were a baseball player, he would be a relief pitcher. Not the starter who gets all the attention or adoration, but the guy who comes in to finish the job, fix the mess, and save the day. Al has been one of those guys who makes his living not by going with trendy styles, but by being consistent and on-time with his work (which is becoming rarer in comics everyday!). It's not just comic book work Al is involved with- he has done work with too many different people to list (but you may be interested to know it includes firms like Lucas Films, Disney, Warner Brothers, NASCAR and National Geographic, to name a few) and the range of jobs has included toy designs, concept art, retail displays,story boarding, collector's cards, posters and prints, toy packaging, licensing designs for shirts, towels, coffee mugs, etc.
Al is most widely known for his work on Sonic the Hedgehog and for his own comic creation Geminar. He also has a book, Draw Comics Like a Pro.
Here are ten questions with Al-
1) What has been your favorite job ever? Least favorite?
Drawing and co-plotting GEMINAR, my own creation, with writer pal Terry Collins! Nothing like working on your own creation! Least fave? Romance comics I drew in 2005 or so. Done for editors who had NO idea how comics worked. Tons of silly changes that stretched the work FAR longer than it should have gone. Ugh.
2) Best convention experience or moment? Worst? Weirdest?
All cons are great, getting to meet friendly folks from all over the place! Can't think of too many weird ones....
3) Favorite comic book and character as a kid? Favorite cartoon then? Now?
Batman. Period.
4) Best thing you've read?
Too many to list! I wouldn't know where to start or stop!
5) Favorite TV show or movie?
I love MASH, BATMAN-BRAVE AND THE BOLD, MAD MEN, etc...Fave film is probably A FACE IN THE CROWD with Andy Griffith..
6) Person in comics who helped you the most?
Joe Orlando gave me valuable tips when I did my first work for DC Comics in the early 90s....Many others I could list...
7) Favorite comic to work on? least favorite?
I dug drawing a story for AVENGERS WEST COAST in the mid-90s, that had all the greats in it..Iron Man, Captain America, Vision, etc...
I didn't dig drawing Marvel's DARKHAWK, as I didn't really like the characters, and the Darkhawk costume seemed needlessly complex to draw..
8) Besides being an artist, what else do you do?
I enjoy working out, reading, being outdoors, spending time with family, etc...
9) What's the biggest change you've seen in comics since entering the business?
The use of the internet by editors and art directors to find talent. To them, it now seems as if there are THOUSANDS of available artists for any job, since Google says so! :)
10) What other appearances will you be making this year?
Heroes Con in June, and the Charlotte Mini-Cons run by Dave's Comics of SC! Maybe more...
11) Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob? (Kidding!)
Don't get that!

You can see more of Al's work and learn more about his interests and his knowledge of comics at these sites:


His book, Draw Comics Like a Pro can be purchased through or via PayPal to Al (details at Al The first issue of Geminar can be downloaded for free to your iphone! Details at the Geminar facebook page.

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