Friday, January 22, 2010

Cartooning Club!

The Cartooning Club had it's monthly meeting last night and about 12 kids were there! We discussed the latest news on upcoming superhero movies (like the fact Sony has decided not to make Spider-man 4) and we talked about the upcoming comics events this summer. First is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD) on May 1! Comics fans, or those curious about comics, can head over to any area comic book shop like Heroes Aren't Hard to Find or Rebel Base Comics (see my links for details). There they can get an assortment of specially made comics for FCBD and meet artists and writers, other fans and who knows what else?
The next big event will be the HeroesCon in Charlotte. Breaking with tradition a little, HeroesCon will be the first weekend in June instead of Father's Day weekend. Dustin Harbin is working hard to assemble incredible A-list talent to keep Charlotte as the largest convention in the southeast!
Following those events will be The Return of Mini-Con! If you've read the older posts you get a sense this will be a real quality event, and we still have five months to work on it!
The Kids in the Cartooning Club are working on giant poster-sized pieces of art work, taking the process in stages- creating a draft, laying down the pencil lines, clean-up and inking, revisions and color, final touches. Many of them took their posters home so they could continue with their pencil work.
The Cartooning Club meets usually every third Thursday of the month from 5:30 to 6:30. Our next meeting will be Feb. 18. Everyone age 8 on up is welcomed!

The art included with today's post are samples of the work done by the kids in the Cartooning Club. Enjoy!

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