Thursday, February 18, 2010

Convention Volunteer: Marcy

Marcy is a reference librarian at the Union West Library in Indian Trail, and she is part of the committee of volunteers who are working to make this year's mini-con a success. As part of the reference staff, Marcy is also involved in overseeing the teen programming and the teen volunteer schedules. The graphic novels in the Teen and Adult sides are also part of her domain!
A digital photographer, Marcy also paints pictures of animals- "exotic" and "ordinary"- and of landscapes/seascapes.
At this year's convention Marcy will be helping set up the traffic flow at the Union West Library, staging volunteers in certain areas to help, and will supervise the Rising Stars Art Challenge!
Speaking of "Rising Stars" this three-panel comic about her cat Shea was done by Marcy herself using colored pencils. Marcy had to make the art on size of paper, then reduce it down for coloring so it would fit into the scanner. Look for more of her animal antics in the future- she has lots of great ideas to work with!

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