Tuesday, February 2, 2010

With a Rebel Yell!

The Rebel Legion's Blue Ridge Base has received and replied to my transmission. They have confirmed they are coming! If you have never heard of them, the Rebel Legion is an international group of Star Wars fans who create their own costumes within the canon of the movies (and the TV cartoons, too!). The group has a lot of fun sharing costuming ideas and creating the variety of good guy characters seen in the Star Wars universe. They also use their cool outfits to draw attention to many charities and worthy causes along with their dark-side brethren the 501st (aka Darth Vader's Fist). Visit the Rebel Legion at www.rebellegion.com

We look forward to seeing Jedi and rebel fighters wandering the mini-con this year! Thanks!

Today's pictures include the unit patch for Blue Ridge Base and an assortment of some of the costumes this group has put together! Enjoy!

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