Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Empire Strikes Back....Again!

Back in February I was very excited to announce the addition of the Rebel Legion's Blue Ridge Base to our mini-con's attendees. Now I have official word that their counterparts, the Carolina Garrison of the Imperial 501st (also known as Darth Vader's Fist) will be in attendance keeping a careful eye out for any rebel activity.

Both groups are closely knit together, not only because of their passion for the Star Wars movies, but because of their desire to use the public's love of Star Wars to help make good things happen.
Throughout the year the rebels and imperial loyalists make appearances at community functions to help draw in a crowd and/or to help raise money for a worthwhile cause like juvenile diabetes research or the Make-A-Wish foundation. Members carefully craft their costumes or uniforms to be authentic to the source material- no store-bought outfits from the Halloween costume department, here, folks!

We are excited to have the 501st and the Blue Ridge Base here for our mini-con, and we hope things stay peaceful! Here are some pictures of the members of the 501st, which is a diverse group made of storm troopers, clone troopers, pilots, gunners, officers, bounty hunters and Sith apprentices. Enjoy!

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