Monday, March 15, 2010

You Won't Believe This: Superboy Dropped in, too!

That's right- Superboy was in the library Thursday afternoon. With low clouds and rain, the kid of steel decided to land in the library for awhile! Obviously, he was here to also get info on June's mini-con and check out the layout of the library. Superboy also checked out the computers (he's a fan of Clifford the Big Red Dog's game) looked at some books, and posed for photos.
Also, if you look at Spidey's pictures, you notice he's missing a glove, and Superboy has a glove. Hmmmm... did Spidey and Supes have a run-in, and now the last kid of Krypton is showing us who won?

BTW- Spider-man and Superboy are NOT the same person. Neither was asked to come by- it just happened in the same week! Our library is just a fun, exciting place! Go to your own library and see if you can find out why, too!

Who will be the next comic book celebrity spotted at Union West?

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