Friday, April 16, 2010

Where are the comics at the library?!

I you have come into one of the Union County Public Libraries in the past few days you may have wondered "Where are the comics?". Well, it's a case of good news/ bad news. The bad news is that all the children's comics and graphic novels that come through are being checked out and sent to the Monroe Library. The good news is that when they return, they will no longer be shelved with the Juvenile Fiction books, but they will have their own special code, JGN, and they will be given their own shelf space! This will make finding favorite comics faster and easier than ever, and it will give many people the chance to find comics they wouldn't have known about before!
For those of you faithful who come to Union West in Indian Trail, the comics/ graphic novels are going to start out being proudly displayed on the new books shelf, right next to the magazines. It will certainly change how the new books will be displayed, too, but that could be a good thing, also.
If you must have a comics fix from the library before the books get moved, plenty of comics can still be found in the Juvenile Non-fiction area, and in the Easy book area, too! Hopefully, we will be able to slap a special "Graphic Novel" sticker on these other comics in the near future, making them easier for everyone to find.

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