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Artist Profile: Eraklis (Herc) Petmezas

Eraklis Petmezas is one who doesn't let comics confine him to doing just one thing. A graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design, he has put his artistic abilities to use for a number of musicians- especially album covers- and has done editorial illustrations, storyboarding and retail displays for Borders Books and Music. Eraklis (or Herc, as he is called by his friends) consistently wishes peace for everyone he meets (how many other people do that for you?) and seems to be able to get people to work with him- see his Sketch Charlotte blog for an example! We are excited to have Herc here with us and we hope you come to see him as well! Get to know Herc a little by reading our Q&A below! Also, enjoy these pics by Herc- one is a self-portrait, another is his Greek detective Kostas and the third is Mr. Lune trying to go get some milk, but those darn cats won't leave him alone! Enjoy!

1) What projects have you worked on- comics, album covers, etc?

I've worked on numerous art for bands. Any thing for album cover art to flyers. I've worked on storyboards and I was fortunate to illustrate the Tell Tale Heart which is one of my favorite Poe stories. Through the years I've worked on numerous comics. Mostly self published. I've been a contributor to Anthologies. Most recently for The Dollar Bin and 803 studios. I've also written about comics for The Pulse, Independent Propaganda and many more. I conduct a Comics Camp for kids that is loads of fun. I also started Sketch Charlotte, a local group of artists that meet, sketch and talk about all things art.

2) Your current project is about a Greek detective. What makes him different from other gumshoes like Columbo, Mike Hammer, Batman or Sherlock? When will we get to read it?

I'd like to think what sets him apart is my sensibilities and the fact that Greece is a big part of the story. As I get to tell more stories about Kostas I intend to also use a lot of Greek culture. You can find it at local shops like Heroes aren't Hard To Find or contact me through my blog (where I'll be posting it).

3) What has been your best convention experience? Weirdest? Worst?

All conventions are a high point for me. Most often I get to hang out with friends I don't normally see. Plus, all the beautiful new comics and creators I get to find out about. I've never really had too bad of an experience. Perhaps, an overzealous fan talking about super hero comics. ha ha. All in all conventions are fun and exciting.

4) What is the one thing about comics or illustration you wish you knew 10 years ago?

How to market myself better. That really is the hardest part of being an artist. Getting your voice out there for people to see and hopefully pay for.

5) How did you come up with your style of art?

That's a tough one. I think my style is an amalgam of all my influences.

6) You are like a comics ambassador- what do you do to motivate and encourage teens about reading or creating comics?

Thanks for saying that. I first try to find out their interests. There are so many great comics out there. You just need to tailor them to what the kids like. All kids draw so getting that out of them isn't too hard. I love to see what they create. It's so pure and fun. It gets me enthused about my own work.

7) What do you do at times to get away from drawing pictures?

Besides spending time with my family I like reading all kinds of books and comics. Watching movies and listening to music.

8) Did you have a favorite cartoon show as a kid? How about now?

As a kid it's hard to remember. I did like a show called Galaxy High School and Robotech was pretty awesome. Now, Secret Saturdays and Star Wars Clone wars are both great. I hear rumblings of Samurai Jack coming back.

9) How have comics changed since you were a kid? Are they better, worse, or just different these days?

Honestly, they've always been great. I think there is so much diversity out there. Plus, we're finally getting a lot of the European comics translated. It's a good time to be reading comics. I'm so happy at their success. When I was a kid you didn't find whole sections of comics in bookstores. The success of Bone also opened many doors for comic creators at the big Book publishing houses. The more places that publish comics the better for the creators to make a living. The price is the only thing that changed. I think it's hard for a kid to pick up a new comic at the price point we're at.

10) The best comic book ever is....

Ha ha. It would be too difficult to pick one.

If you want to learn more about Herc, you can go to the following addresses to read his journal or see his art: &

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  1. Man, I am happy to confirm that Herc is indeed one of the very bestest dudes around. I'm so grateful to this guy for his enthusiastic friendship and encouraging support to all kinds of local cartoonist and artists. Hangin' with him at the Sketch Charlotte meetings have been some of the best times I've ever had in this burg. You're awesome, Herc, rock on!