Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Want to win some great stuff? Then you gotta be here!

Do you like to win stuff? Can you draw or make a costume? Can you just show up at a place? Any of those things will give you the chance to win some great swag at our mini-con.
I mentioned in an earlier post how I was introduced to Snow Wildsmith, a reviewer on graphic novels and an adviser to libraries on how to build a graphic novel collection. When you review these books for major publications, obviously you're going to make some connections, and Snow's connections have been invaluable! Snow sent out emails to various publishers and the response was tremendous. Here is a brief list:
:01 (First Second)- 18 graphic novels including all six Sardine in Outer Space, Robot Dreams, Adventures in Cartooning, Little Tyrant (volumes 1 & 2), Little Vampire, City of Spies and more!
Boom Studios- two copies of Wall-E signed by J Torres and a copy of The Incredibles signed by Marcia Takara.
DC Kids- Supergirl- Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade; Batman: The Brave and the Bold; Billy Batson & the Power of Shazam; and Tiny Titans- Sidekickin' It!
Top Shelf Productions- 150 copies of Owly & Friends, the Free Comic Book Day edition!
Capstone Publishing- Posters, pencils, bookmarks, a canvas bag, and LOTS of books! Graphic novels like Reality Check, Recon Academy, The Jungle Book, and Princess Candy and several "hybrid" books (those that have traits of both standard books and graphic novels): Truth & Rumors- US Presidents, Dinosaur Wars, The Truth About Trolls, Test Drive- a Robot & Rico story, Pit Crew Punch, Claudia Christina Cortez, and Dragonblood.
I approached our local Burger King here in Indian Trail since BK is marketing the Iron Man 2 film to see if they would be willing to make a donation and their manager very graciously gave a complete set of the kids toys (all 8) that are being offered!

Along with these great items, yours truly also made an effort to collect many great reads from Free Comic Book Day. In addition, many of our guest artists (and several who won't be at the mini-con) have donated copies of their books and even some original sketches to use as special prizes. And even if you don't win something in the art challenge, or the costume contest, or just at random, you're still certain to walk out with some great sketches and maybe even find a couple of things to buy at a great price!

To Snow- if there could be an MVP for this mini-con, you could certainly be the winner! Thanks for all your help!

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