Monday, June 7, 2010

The Art of Al Bigley!

More comics goodness is taking over our library! Al Bigley's art is on display in the Union West Library's lobby area. Al has stuff from when he designed the card backing for the Batman action figures, pictures from Batman story books (his first work for DC!), t-shirts he designed of NASCAR drivers, an educational toy featuring his art, in-house art of Food Lion, and pages he did for Archie Comics, the West Coast Avengers, and more! You can also get a glimpse of his work on Sonic the Hedgehog and the Power Rangers.
Al also dropped off six signed color prints to be used as part of our prize packs and they look awesome!
I was not able to attend Heroes Con this year (for shame!) but Al stepped in and took a bunch of the flyers to the big convention to hand out and get the word out. Thanks so much, Al!
Enjoy these samples of Al's art, or better yet, come and see them yourself. You can see more of Al's art at

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