Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How to prepare for The Return of Mini-Con!

Maybe you thought you would never have to prepare yourself for something so awesome sounding as The Return of Mini-Con!, but now the event is just three days away and you want to know if you're really ready for this.
Here are some tips to help you out- when you get to the library, get a bag and a ticket. The bag will have a comics template, and either a comic, a poster, or some other cool swag in it. The ticket gives you the chance to win more cool stuff including signed prints, graphic novels, autographs of creators who cannot make the show, toys, etc., etc.! Carry the stuff you win or are given in that bag- makes things easier and neater.
If you plan to get sketches or autographs, bring a blank sketch pad for the artists to put their drawings in. It keeps everything together and keeps it neat and clean. You may want to bring a Sharpie marker for autographs, too. Also, when you approach an artist, if the line is long find another table where the line is shorter. If the artist asks what kind of picture you want, keep it simple- a picture of Superman, a head shot of Cyclops, yadda, yadda. Don't ask for a picture of the Black Panther and Iron Fist battling Galactus and the Skrulls in color unless you're willing to pay for it!
Get plenty to eat or drink before coming to the library. Drinks and food are not permitted in the building and it could be 2 or 3 hours before you get back outside the library.
Dress comfortably (unless it's a costume!). Be friendly and patient. If you want to buy books or other prints, bring some money with you.
Now you are ready to patrol The Return of Mini-Con like a pro!

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