Friday, June 11, 2010

John Redcorn- Return of Mini-Con Reader

If you've ever watched King of the Hill, chances aqre good you've seen the lone Native American character in the town of Arlen, John Redcorn. It turns out, the man who gives John Redcorn his voice came across this blog and found The Return of Mini-Con to be very interesting. Jonathan Joss is John Redcorn and he is filling his calendar as best as he can with special appearances at comic conventions and other shows. Joss is a Native American and resides in his hometown of San Antonio ( I spent a summer there and loved it!). Besides being the voice of John Redcorn, he played Firewalker on Walker, Texas Ranger and made appearances on shows like ER. He also provided the voice of DC Western comic character Pow Wow Smith, an Native American lawman on the Justice League cartoon series. More recently, he is in an opening scene in the upcoming movie, Jonah Hex (another DC Western hero)- it's not a long part, but it does help set the tone for the bad guys in the movie. I don't want to say more and give things away!

Joss was just in Charlotte for the recently concluded Heroes Con and said if the Return of Mini-Con comes back next year, he would love to be invited!

It would certainly take some work to get him here from San Antonio, but it would certainly be fun to have him!

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