Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mini-Con Pictures- Day 1

Friday was INSANE!! The Union West Library is already a busy location, and parking is very limited, yet for events like this, hundreds of people turn out. How many did we get this year? Hard to say- there was a problem with the door counter, and not everybody was picking up goodie bags or registering for door prizes. However, we started the day with nearly 450 goodie bags to hand out to every child who came in and walked away with maybe 200 bags left. Assuming the kid, Mom and someone else came along, that's an average of three people per bag, which would be 750 people in five hours! But some families have three or four kids and maybe just one parent brings them- that would pull the average down. So maybe to be conservative, we could say between 500 and 750 the first day. One is sure- many of the artists there said they saw more children and handed out more sketches than they did in all three days of the Heroes Con! Wow!

The Friday crew was fantastic- Dave McDonald, Marcus Hamilton, Rich Barrett, Eraklis Petmezas, John DaCosta, Tom Davidson, Richard Stahnke, Troy Hasbrouck, Derek & Nikki Davis, and Jeremy & Kelly Dale were all in attendance and even I got a chance to sit down and draw some sketches for folks. Everyone was very humble and gracious and just a lot of fun to be around. I really hope each of the artists had a good time and feel like they were treated well.

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