Sunday, June 27, 2010

More Day 1 Pics!!!

I do have to say, the Storm Trooper who came and represented the Imperial 501st was probably the most popular guy in the room. I hate that I can't recall his name at the moment, but he signed autographs, posed for pictures and patrolled the fans to make sure they were helping keep the air cool. He was a one-man show and a true ambassador for the group. If you want to learn more about the 501st (a.k.a. Vader's Fist) look them up and see all the charitable work they do and the lives they have been a part of. It may inspire you to go make your own Star Wars costume and perform good deeds, too.

Here are some more pictures from day one, including our brave (and good) Storm Trooper. And to John DaCosta- I don't know why your picture is so fuzzy- we'll upload more on Tuesday, hopefully!

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