Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is the day!

By the time you probably read this, it will be Friday- day one of The Return of Mini-Con! Hopefully, things will be in place and ready- there are the tables to get up, the list of who is coming to update, the food to prepare (a BIG thasnks to my uncle, to the Friends of the Library, and to Jill Peth), prizes to line up and hand out, Star Wars issues to handle and more. I don't think I'll get to sit back and enjoy too much of it, but if we get in good numbers (500 or more in the five hours) and a lot of kids are happy, I'll feel good. I'll feel even more successful if the artists go away from here happy to have come.

Things kick off at 1:00 (kids- get your bag and your ticket) and the art challenge will be at 3;30 back in the Reading Room (where the fireplace is). We'll take the first 20 kids and divide them into two age groups with a total of four winners- one of the top two winners will be the grand prize winner and will receive Dave McDonald's Cartoon Workshop boxed kit.

There will be lots of other prizes like comics and original art handed out, too. You can see in today's post my submission for some lucky fan- it's Mera, Aqauman's wife.

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