Thursday, June 10, 2010

This just gets better and better!

The Return of Mini-Con is just two weeks away, and the final wrinkles are getting worked out, stuff is still coming in, and artists are still asking to join in! I recently got a reply back from Steven Prouse of 803 Studios in Columbia, SC who told me he is coming for the Saturday event, and he is bringing artist Mike Sudduth with him! Mike is new to 803 Studios, and Steven is one of the founders and is a writer working on stories like Graffiti, Hand Me Downs, and Knowledge is Power.
Adding to Saturday's fun is the new Fite Klub Studios, a group of four men who are campaigning hard to get the attention of the big guys in the comics world. These four, also from South Carolina, include Brian Hollins, Jake Williams, Corey Davis (who is also with 803 Studios!) and Ben Murrey.
We want you to come out on Friday and Saturday (June 25-26) and make all these great artists and writers feel welcomed and very, very busy!
But that's not all I have to talk about! If I hadn't mentioned it already, Oni Press sent 400 more copies of their FCBD comic, making over 525 copies we have to hand out over two days! Once all the buttons, stickers, pencils, posters, comics, toys, and graphic novels were added together, their are more than 1,200 items to be handed out over the two days, and we may have even more stuff coming in! With the artists, the Star Wars characters from the 501st, and the hand-outs, this is one event that should have something for everyone in the family!
The art today is some of the story headers from 803 Studios (you can find them at and pictures from the four members of Fite Klub Studios. Enjoy!

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