Friday, June 4, 2010

Three weeks and counting

The Return of Mini-Con is just three weeks away! Of course, this weekend is the BIG Heroes Con in Charlotte, and just about anyone who is in comics is going to be there from today to Sunday. If you get a chance, go there- many of the folks you meet will be here in just three weeks!
Things continue to happen to make this mini-con unbelievably good. Teachers and parents, Yen Press has contributed a bunch of books, with many of them to be used in the Comics 101 seminar in Monroe on the 26th. I was floored when I picked up the massive sized copy (528 pages!) of With the Light- Raising an Autistic Child. I had never seen such a detailed story of a family raising an autistic child, the subject matter, the size of the volume, and my own relationship to my autistic brother just made the story grab me. If you are a doubter about comics as reading material, this one could change your mind. (Of course, if you are a doubter, you're probably not even reading this!)
Another guest has been added to the list of artists coming- please welcome writer Dan Johnson! This Winston-Salem scribe authored the manga novel Thor & Herc and is now taking classic novels like The Jungle Book and scripting them for graphic novels by Campfire Books! Some people would say re-writing a classic for a comic is dumbing it down, but fewer would say the same for someone developing a classic into a movie script. Consider that! We're excited to welcome this author and hope you will too!
More swag has come in. I mentioned Yen Press briefly, but this week I also received a box full of Oni Press Free For All. About 125 copies! Thank you Oni Press! I read the book back at Free Comic Book Day and loved hte Salt Water Taffey story! This is a great kid-friendly read.
And finally, those fine people at Dark Horse Comics sent a package filled with STUFF! There were Clone Wars graphic novels and Emily the Strange. There were story books including a very cool lost adventure of Tarzan by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Inside the box were also stickers, buttons and pounds and pounds of posters! Posters like Star Wars, Solar, Magnus, Aliens, Predators, Hellboy, the BPRD, and more! It needs to be noted that Dark Horse was the only company that was willing to help get our library's Cartooning Club started (and three years later we're still going strong!), they also helped get our teen graphic novel collection started, and now they have continued to contribute to this library through our mini-con. Dark Horse has been a best friend to us, and we won't forget it!
And finally, I got an email and later a phone call from Nancy Silberkliet, the co-CEO of Archie Comics! Nancy has this great thing going for schools called the Comic Book Fair where the school (or other institution) sells a variety of Archie comics (the Riverdale gang, Josie & the Pussycats, Katy Keene, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sonic the Hedgehog, etc.) and then keeps 40% of the money! It is an idea that will need to be looked at to make it work for the county's rules on the libraries. In addition, Nancy also offered up a great prize- a one year digital subscription to Archie! That's about a $50 value and all the Archie goodness from the past & present you could want to read!

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