Sunday, July 18, 2010

Commissions for the church!

I am opening up the door for commissions, or art-work-for-hire. I am doing this to try and raise additional funds for my church's building project. Single character pictures will be $20, scenes will be $35 and inking the picture will be another $5. All pictures will be on 11"X17" comic bristol board. If you want something smaller, email me at to discuss what you have in mind and to get a price.

The new sanctuary is needed to take our church from three services to one (for awhile, at least). The design will be most unique, incorporating an Ark (as in Noah) for an entrance way to children's classes and programs, video screens and sound on the outer portions of the building to provide announcements and service information, or to show a church service already in progress. The courtyard will combine the theme of the ark with the cross and baptism in a way that illustrates the scripture that I have never seen before. If things go according to schedule, the church will gather for their first worship in the new sanctuary in December of 2011! You can see the plans for the new church in this short video from the church

If you need to see some smaples of my art, go to my gallery at or to or to my facebook page- john tompkins.

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