Friday, July 2, 2010

Crazy things happen at conventions!

Strange things can happen at a convention. One thing is the requests for sketches you get. Some of what I was asked to draw- a horse, a dragon, 2 Calvin & Hobbes cartoons, the tripods from War of the Worlds, Woody from Toy Story, a fairy, a mermaid, Bowser from Mario Kart and a baby version of Bowser! I heard the guys at Fite Klub had some odd requests like a child who asked for a picture of President Obama. "Alright," said the artist.
"Can you give him horns and a pitchfork, too?" asked the child.
After an uncomfortable pause, the artist said, "How about a super hero?"
Another little girl asked a Fite Klub artist for a picture of Justin Beiber! "How about a super hero?"

Another strange thing at conventions is some people can be discovered. It happened to Chrissie Zullo at the San Diego Con, and it sorta happened to my son, Landon this year. As I was doing a sketch of my own character the Sword, a mom asked Landon if he drew. He showed her some of the Toy Story pictures he had been working on and suddenly kids were asking him for sketches! Landon must have cranked out about eight pictures during the con- a star is born!

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