Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In the news...

News coverage of the Return of Mini-Con was better this year than last, although no TV stations even called just to see what the buzz was about. I do send out a big thank you to Brian at the Union County weekly who had the first follow-up on the convention with a nice photo spread of pictures we had. Katie Oliver at the Observer had no guarantee on when her story would run, but it finally got into the July 4 paper!
In addition to these stories, I am grateful to Dave McDonald http://davemcdonaldstudio.blogspot.com/ and to Ben Towle http://www.benzilla.com/ (look under June 26) and to the gang at Sketch Charlotte- more specifically Rich and Herc- http://www.sketchcharlotte.com/ for posting about the mini-con. Hopefully, if we go for year three, most of the folks from this year will be on board for next year, too!
Today's pics are scans of the stories as they ran in the respective papers. You can blow them up to get a closer gander or you can look them up on the web (although I believe the Observer requires you to at least register. I don't recall if they require a paid subscription.).

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