Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonder Woman becoming less patriotic?

This blog isn't just about the Return of Mini-Con, it's also about other comics news people in the area might actually care about. So, for your consideration, Wonder Woman, one of the iconic female characters in comics is going through a costume change. This has happened before, but with efforts by Warner Bros. to make a Wonder Woman movie, some are wondering if the costume change isn't to make things easier for the movie, i.e. getting the comic Wonder Woman to look like the one people will see in the movie. Some people (such as the Washington Times) are even throwing out the idea that the suit is "less patriotic" to give more appeal to a global audience. The same idea was followed on GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, where the 'Joes were turned into an "international" force so it would supposedly do better in overseas release.
I saw the concept for the new costume and didn't get the impression the costume was un-patriotic as much as I figured the costume makes more sense for a super hero who is doing combat. The original outfit might be good for posters and beauty pageants but the new suit is more suited to stealth, combat, and being in the general public. Of course, this redesign looks very very very very similar to one a friend of mine, Kent, came up with some time ago. I can only hope that DC gives him proper credit for the re-design (although I doubt they will!).
Pictured is DC's announced re-design along with two proposed costume changes by Kent (the middle one was the most recent one from earlier this year). Do you think they are similar? Is it a coincidence? Why do you think DC would want to change the Amazon's costume? Do you like it or hate it?
I'd love to see some comments with this one!

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