Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Boom Studios Comes Through BIG!

A few weeks ago the first calls to publishers for help with this year's convention went out. This week, we got our first big donation from a publishing house! The fine people at Boom! Studios in California sent us 175 copies of their limited run of the Muppet Show! Boom's traffic coordinator Travis Beaty was extremely helpful, stayed in contact, sent a tracking number for the box, and even filled my request for hi-res images of the studio logos! And now, thanks to the efforts of Travis, 175 kids will leave our library on June 11 with a new, mint comic in their hands! And this is no throw-away comic, either. The cover is an alternate one, limited to a run of 500 copies, and we have 175 of those. As a result, the book is now "sold out".
While Travis helped us out, he hasn't been the only one- we received a handful of comics from legend Roy Thomas, and Darkhorse loaded us up with so much stuff (and such a variety) that we still have a small selection to hand out. All totaled at this point, we have enough stuff to hand out to roughly 225 kids!
Thanks Boom! Studios, and thank you very much, Travis! You rock!

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