Friday, April 8, 2011

The First Pieces Come Together

Planning for a mini-con begins MONTHS in advance as space and layout, format and themes, and activities, guests and other things are all thought about and prepared. The guest list is starting to build up with comics scribe Dan Johnson, artist extraordinaire Al Bigley, web comic pros Derek and Nikki Davis of Bitter TEA Studios, Bluewater Comics' artist John DaCosta and independent creator Tom Davidson all returning for this year's event. Add in Sonic writer Ian Flynn, inker Henry Eudy, and Area 51 web comic creator Jim McGhee and the guest list appears to be shaping up nicely! I also got word in recently from BOOM! Studios ( that they will supply us with 175 comics to hand out! Campfire Graphic Novels ( have also agreed to send an assortment of graphic novels. And in what was an unexpected and very kind move, writer, editor in chief and fanzine creator Roy Thomas sent a box of new comics and graphic novels to hand out for the event! Roy could not make it to our mini-con this year, but he still wanted to help with the event somehow. A big thanks to him, BOOM! and Campfire for their generosity this year!

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