Monday, April 25, 2011

A great night at the Cartooning Club!

The April Cartooning Club was one to remember as Area 51 Comics creator Jim McGee dished out all he could about how and why he chose to create a web comic, his cartooning experiences before that, how he created his characters and made them unique (like having a vegetarian zombie who eats "heads" of lettuce!), and he he uses basic shapes to form his characters. A big thanks to Jim, who also put a challenge out to the kids. He is letting them make their own Area 51 strip and when they send it to him, he'll post it on his website as part of the regular strips and they will receive credit for their work. To get a look at the strip, the characters, and to contact Jim by email go to Let's see those cartoon aliens, okay?
We had about 15 kids, with four of them being girls (one came all the way from Concord!) and we had comics pro Al Bigley drop in again!! The best part of the night for me was afterwards, when a mother came up to me telling me how much of a difference the Cartooning Club has made in her daughter, who was not interested in books before then, but has found things she likes to read and is doing it for the enjoyment of it. It's very humbling to hear such words come from a parent- especially one who is an educator. It's also its own reward.

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