Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jim McGee at Cartooning Club April 21

Jim McGee, the creator of Area 51 Comics, will be presenting all kinds of useful information for budding cartoonists on Thursday, April 21 beginning at 5:30. Jim's Area 51 is an online comic about aliens trying to understand earth culture, and his discussion will include some pointers for drawing, and how he started his comic strip and why he chose to put it on the internet.
You don't to miss this one as digital comics and online media become more and more the preferred standard for readers- especially in the area of comics where digital copies don't show wear and tear and can be downloaded to multiple devices making them extremely portable.
Also, we'll go over the list of free comics being offered this year for Free Comic Book Day!
Don't miss it!
For more information ask a children's librarian at Union West, or call 704-821-7475 ext 4.

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