Thursday, May 19, 2011

Campfire treats the mini-con to Robinson Crusoe

I just received a box of graphic novels from Campfire- about 50 in all- and WOW! It is filled with classic stories like Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer, Wizard of Oz, Call of the Wild, Frankenstein, and many, many more. Along with that assortment is a copy of Oliver Twist and about 25 copies of Robinson Crusoe! Why do I put those two titles in their own sentence and why so many copies of Robinson Crusoe (or Rob-crew as we call him around here!)? Glad you asked! Both of these titles were adapted by author Dan Johnson, who will be one of our featured guests at the mini-con on June 11 and he will be signing the copies of his books!
It's great to see a publisher get involved by giving books for an event like this, but it is even better to see them support the people who make their books happen. Both Campfire and Dan were a part of our mini-con last year, and we are very honored to have them both back this year! If you ever read the Marvel Classics, or better yet- the Classics Illustrated comics from the Golden Age, then you will appreciate the work Campfire is doing in re-introducing these stories to young readers. Classics are great literature and great reads, usually, but sometimes they aren't all winners, or they may need some more selling to get someone drawn into the story. Wishbone the dog was the last great intro to the classics for young people (look it up- it was a PBS show for a few years. George Plimpton hated the series!), Campfire looks like it is ready to take that same spot now.
Go here to read our Artist Profile on Dan Johnson from last year's mini-con!

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