Friday, May 13, 2011

Do you know about :01 Books? You should!

First Second Books, or :01 Books as they write their name, puts out an amazing array of graphic novels by a variety of artists and writers, covering a wide range of topics, yet they seem to have an underlying thread to all of them. While I'm terrible at telling people what it is they REALLY read, the themes of family, coming-of-age, finding identity and purpose, and acceptance seem to be present in each and every title, whether it is The Unsinkable Walker Bean (Eisner-nominated book!), Jewish and Christian kids befriending each other in WWII New York in City of Spies, kids going to summer camp in Brain Camp, or young people resisting an evil form of authority in Resistance (which has a cover that makes me laugh out loud!). The art of these books has the feel of traditional comics, cartoons, and concept art that you might see in a Disney project. The coloring is uncomplicated and harkens back to great comics like Tintin. These books are strong on both story and art, and while they may use some harsh language at times, it is never gratuitous or thrown in just for shock value. I give kudos to the editors and the art director at :01 Books for allowing for a variety in art and subject, yet selecting and working with these stories to make them seem like they all belong in one literary universe.
We here at the Return of Mini-Con Strikes Back consider the folks at :01 Books to be good friends as they have helped us with our event last year and this year. And if you're lucky enough to get one of their books at our mini-con, or buy one yourself, you'll understand what we mean!

...and Gina G, if you're reading this- thank you so much for being approachable, responsive, and very helpful!

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