Thursday, May 5, 2011

An Incredible List of Talent This Year!

The list of talented artists, writers and creators continues to grow for the Return of Mini-Con Strikes Back on June 11! Heading up our list are our three-year veterans- Al Bigley, who has worked on just about everything in comics and related to comics (no kidding); Dave McDonald, who served a short term as a cartoonist-in-residence at the Charles M. Schultz Museum and Research Center in California; and husband-and-wife team Derek and Nikki Davis, the force behind The Erad Adventures. We also have several returners from last year- John DaCosta, Brandon Padgett, Tom Davidson and Dan Johnson. It's always exciting to add new faces and so far this year we have three new additions to the mini-con! First is web comic guru, Jim McGee, creator of the Area 51 and Butterfly Effect comics. Next is Henry Eudy- an incredible inker (an undiscovered Tim Townsend or Joe Sinnott kind of good) who presented to our Cartooning Club last year. And finally, we have Ian Flynn, the writer of Sonic the Hedgehog comics who maintains the monumental task of showing some continuity between the video games and the existing stories of Sonic's world!
That's 11 great people already, and more are to come!
Remember, the big date is Saturday, June 11 and is slated to run from 1-5 pm.

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