Monday, June 13, 2011

Mini-Con Pics, Rd. 3

Here is a sampling of the goodies our wonderful publishers sent to the mini-con. Items were grouped based on two things- target age of the books, and the apparent reading level of the books. Age ranges went from beginner (the youngest), to elementary, to tween and teen books. In all, we had about six boxes set up for our volunteers, Kacy & Kaelyn, to hand out comics, DVDs, posters, etc. to the kids as they entered the library. By the end of the day, nearly every box was empty and the remainder was consolidated into one box. After setting aside some extra issues for future purposes, we boxed up the extras and sent them along with Dan Johnson. Dan has a friend who knows folks, and these extra comics will go to the USO to be distributed to soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines stationed all over the place. We estimated that about 300 comics were sent on their way. Part of that number comes also from Ian Flynn, the writer of the Sonic the Hedgehog comics and the Mega Man comic. Ian generously gave a LARGE stack of various Archie digest titles that helped fill our box for the soldiers. Thank you, Ian! You Rock! I know the soldiers are going to really appreciate looking at Betty and Veronica in all those comics.

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