Monday, June 13, 2011

More pics from the event!

One of our circ folks gets into the spirit of the mini-con dressing up as a character from the hugely popular Naruto series.

Our volunteers greeted folks at the door and handed out comics while talking about what was going on inside the building.

Kacy checks through the boxes to make sure things are sorted properly, and that they are easy to reach. Handing out comics is easy when two or three are coming through the door, but when 15-20 all come walking in at the same time, things can feel a little hectic!

A crowd shot from later in the day- some of the early crowd is still hanging out in the general area, while new folks have replaced the ones who moved on to the meeting room to see Ian Flynn, Jester Press, and the $0.50 comics offered by Rebel Base Comics.

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