Monday, June 13, 2011

Photos from The Return of Mini-Con (Strikes Back!)

Wow! Sorry for not posting the day before, the day of or even the day after t he mini-con. Just know I've been very busy but I am now getting the photos from our mini con up! The library estimates over 300 people came for the show (just how much over we don't know), which is good considering several things- Heroes Con was the weekend before, many families were going to graduations over the weekend, many more families were taking trips to the beach or just out-of-town for the weekend, the Monroe Airport was giving FREE planes rides to kids, the Monroe Mall/Crossing had a science fair exhibit, etc., etc.
From the top, we have author Dan Johnson taking his turn at a sketch, Al Bigley talking with some fans, and two shots of the crowd just minutes after we started!
Many comics were given out thrilled kids- Oni Press' Rated Free For Everyone, Transformers from IDW, Top Shelf's Kids Club Comic, The Muppet Show comics by KaBoom!/ Boom! Studios, a variety of titles from :01 Books, Viz Media (and some cool bags, posters and other neat stuff), RightStuf (who also sent t-shirts and DVDs), and Campfire/ Steerforth Press. There were also some great posters from Dark Horse Comics. We were able to group the comics and graphic novels by age and approximate reading level, and everyone got something they enjoyed. Each of these companies actively act as ambassadors for the comics/graphic novel industry and they understand the importance of not just doing trendy or adult comics, but of looking to make people into lifelong readers and lifetime lovers of the comics format. They produce quality work that goes beyond the typical wrestling throwdowns seen in the bigger companies of Marvel and DC. It is worth noting that although Marvel and DC are the top two companies in terms of comics revenue, it has been the "smaller" companies that have been so willing to reach out to the kids at these types of library events. So, yeah, I'm making a shameless plug for you to look for them at your comics shops, bookstores and online and support them in return.

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