Monday, June 6, 2011

Rebel Base Comics brings the dollar bin!

Heroes Con has come and gone. I didn't get the chance to go because of car trouble, which is really a shame because I so badly wanted to see some friendly faces again, like Chrissie Zullo (who is moving away from Charlotte- "sniff"- we'll always say we knew you when, and God bless you, Chrissie!), Jeremy and Kelly Dale, Marcus Hamilton, the gang from Sketch Charlotte, Chris Staros from Top Shelf, the guys from Tsunami Studios and some folks I've gotten to know through other venues like Deviant Art. There's always next year.
But, some good news- our library's mini-con event is just five days away!
And the good news keeps coming as Troy Hasbrouck, the chief writer, creator, editor and assistant-whatever-else-is-needed of Jester Press and the Night comics series also happens to run his own comic shop in Charlotte called Rebel Base Comics and Toys. Just look for the link on the left for store hours and location. Troy has agreed to bring a "dollar bin" of comics to the mini-con. What's a dollar bin, you ask? These are often times older and/or well-read (used) comics that are resold for a small price and can still be enjoyed. Since I'm a reader, this is how I prefer to buy my comics, and I enjoy the older comics more.
So if you want to get familiar with some comics, build a collection, or get some cheap reads for the summer, come check it out!!

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