Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Sword's Stories Web Comic!

The Sword vs the Hordes of Darkness by John Tompkins

The Sword is a character I developed during my later high school years many, many, MANY moons ago. Over the years he has been revised, updated, changed and had his whole background re-arranged. Certain elements of the character always seemed to stick around, and it was these parts that I chose to use to define the character.

Various early design ideas for the Sword as I tried to get a look I liked.

The Sword, aka Mike Daniels (named after my two brothers), is a superhero and a Christian. He is a former pro athlete, and he is a young man looking for a job. He is someone who doesn't have all the answers and his confidence goes back and forth.

The Sword with other original characters Gilead Samson by Walter Reynolds, Blujaye by Gabe Dill and the Christian by Kent.

The Sword by Kent, aka Vagabond X

I have posted the first four pages of his origin story, with two more to follow. Drop in, check it out (remember to start at part 1!) and leave a comment! Click the title at the top of this story or go to

The Sword by Gary Pope.

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