Friday, July 1, 2011

New Kid Books from Top Shelf!

Top Self comics has announced release dates for two new additions to their kids line-up! First up is the much anticipated third volume to Korgi!

A Hollow Beginning picks up from book two where Ivy and Korgi have discovered a mysterious piece of glass. Apparently, the shard has something to do with how their magical home came to be! Korgi, by Christian Slade, is full of intricate black and white line drawings that have the appearance of being "scribbled" into form but have so much going on in the foregrounds and backgrounds they create a visual delight of discovery for old and young alike! The wordless format makes the book accessible to all reading levels as well. (Soft cover, 96 pages, $9.95)

Next is Dragon Puncher Island by James Kochalka. This is a continuation of the first Dragon Puncher book. Kochalka's first Dragon Puncher and his Johhny Boo both incorporate silly situations and silly dialogue to make stories kids really enjoy. (Hardcover, 40 pages, $9.95)

Both books are available to order from Diamond through your local comics shop or online book retailer and will ship in September!

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