Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sketch Charlotte Announcements

Fresh from the desk of artist Brandon Padgett, the Sketch Charlotte Newsletter has two great stories of local talent making their mark on the comics scene.

1) Jason Latour lands penciling duties on upcoming B.P.R.D. mini-series from Dark Horse!

B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: The Pickens County Horror - As the world goes to hell, a backwoods vampire clan shelters themselves in their Gothic southern home, covered in fog and fungal horror, ready to create havoc for a trespassing B.P.R.D. crew. Writers:Mike Mignola & Scott Allie; Artist:Jason Latour; Colorist:Dave Stewart

Now appearing in January 2012 Previews (pp34-35). #1 hits stands on March 28, 2012

2) Eric "Jedidad" McConnell's first pro gig!

Eric McConnell will be sending in his first professional work to Rittenhouse Archives for an upcoming Marvel trading card set (Marvel Greatest Heroes)! Check out Eric's work at http://jedidad.deviantart.com

Also, the great folks at Sketch Charlotte made an anthology book last year. Some copies were produced for Free Comic Book Day, others to hand out/sell at shows and shops. The group recently made a move that should help them create more anthologies and other materials in the future! Here is the newsletter announcement:

Sketch Charlotte's venture into eCommerce!

We're opening up a Big Cartel account for Sketch Charlotte and will be including the Regular Anthology as well as a sketched cover version. Other items will be added as they come available. The idea is to use these funds to pay for additional printing of the current and any future Anthologies. Any extra money will be made available as needed for additional Sketch Charlotte related events and projects.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Cartooning Club Schedule for 2012

The Cartooning Club had their first meeting on Jan. 19 with about 17 people in attendance (including several Girl Scouts who were working on completing requirements for a badge!). We worked on adding depth to a picture by overlapping images and setting them on different planes to create distances. If you don't get what I'm talking about just drop into one of our meetings this year and see if being there makes things easier (although I'm not guaranteeing anything!). We also watched Danny Phantom to get an idea on the minimalist use in animation to still create distinct characters and settings with the fewest lines needed.
If you are between the ages of 8 and 88 and you like to draw, write, read comics, watch cartoons or anything that ties in with the comics and animation experience you are welcome. All levels and abilities of talent are welcomed and no registration is required. we also plan on having several guests pop in through the year so keep checking the schedule!

Here is the schedule for the remainder of 2012:
(Note: All dates are on the third Thursday of each month and the starting time is always 5:30)

Feb. 16

March 15

April 19

May 17

June 21

July 19

Aug. 16

Sept. 20

Oct. 18

Nov. 15

Dec. 20

So there are 11 chances for you to come hang out. draw, get a lesson, meet some pros, share ideas with others, and see some great toons and comics related stuff!

Back in Business!

I have been away from this blog much longer than I planned to, but a variety of things have kept me away- some my fault, others beyond my control. But since I am back to posting to the blog, that means convention season is coming and yours truly is already making plans for our library's big event in June. Dates and times are still being negotiated and possibly even locations! Yes, the mini-con may cover more than one location this year, just like it did back on 2010. We could be shooting for a one, two or even three day event!
Some activities being bandied about include cosplay, a visit from the 501st Imperial Troops (aka Darth Vader's Fist. If you've played Star Wars Battlefront I or II then your clone troopers and storm troopers are always referred to as being in the 501st) where hopefully they will teach you how to shoot like a Storm Trooper (joke from the REAL movies), make a comic cover contest, handouts from publishers and sketches from great comics artists living here in the Charlotte region!