Monday, January 30, 2012

Back in Business!

I have been away from this blog much longer than I planned to, but a variety of things have kept me away- some my fault, others beyond my control. But since I am back to posting to the blog, that means convention season is coming and yours truly is already making plans for our library's big event in June. Dates and times are still being negotiated and possibly even locations! Yes, the mini-con may cover more than one location this year, just like it did back on 2010. We could be shooting for a one, two or even three day event!
Some activities being bandied about include cosplay, a visit from the 501st Imperial Troops (aka Darth Vader's Fist. If you've played Star Wars Battlefront I or II then your clone troopers and storm troopers are always referred to as being in the 501st) where hopefully they will teach you how to shoot like a Storm Trooper (joke from the REAL movies), make a comic cover contest, handouts from publishers and sketches from great comics artists living here in the Charlotte region!

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