Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Campfire Books wins two big awards

Campfire Books, an Indian-based publisher which started out creating graphic novels of classic literature and then branched out into mythologies, biographies and original stories, has carried home two key awards from Comic Con India's first ever awards panel.
Illustrator Amit Tayal took the honor for Best Artist for his work on The Jungle Book (see the post below), where he was recognized for creating a visual look to the story that worked and was not overshadowed by the Disney product (which has been an iconic look for the book and many publishers and studios have tried to compete with). Personally, I liked Tayal's art on Ali-Babba & the Forty Thieves- Reloaded more than The Jungle Book, although I think Tayal does a great job of capturing action and motion in a static frame. Congratulations to him for such a great honor.
The other award Campfire won was also a major one- matter of fact, it was the Oscar's equivalent to Motion Picture of the Year. The Best Graphic Novel Award went to Nelson Mandela: The Unconquerable Soul, written by Lewis Helfand (who has written quite a few of Campfire's books) with art by Sankha Banerjee (who worked with Helfand on a very insightful biography on The Wright Brothers). Congratulations to this team of creators. I am sure that with 9 nominations and two winners, Campfire is very excited about the direction they are going in with the stories they are choosing to tell.

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