Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chrissie Zullo has art in John Carter book!

Disney's take on John Carter is set to release in theaters in March. Among fans of fantasy and Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan, Pelucidor) John Carter is a known property, and certain expectations will come with that. We will see if Disney is up to the task. In the meantime, a collection of all-new stories by various writers will be released. The stories will focus on other parts of the quasi-technological world of Mars, and with the short stories will come illustrations! DC cover artist Chrissie Zullo (who is and always be one us although she is in New York these days) was asked to provide an illustration, but what she produced is a spectacular piece showing one of the four-armed Warhoon inhabitants against a spectacular backdrop- all in that very unique black & white look that she does so well!

Chrissie said she is actually looking forward to the Taylor Kitsch version of John Carter. "I'm actually really excited about the movie, there was a new trailer that made it look better than the first (in my opinion). But I'm a sucker for any sci-fi movie."

You can peruse more of Chrissie's incredible work and find out about her commissions at her blog- look for the link on this page on the right.

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