Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cartooning with Derek & Nikki Davis!!!

Our third Cartooning Club of the year comes with not one, but TWO very special guests- Derek & Nikki Davis! Derek and Nikki are the creative force behind The Ered Adventures- the odd chronicles of a couple who deal with their inner child, what to wear, and how to fend off alien invasions and live as good neighbors next to supernatural entities. It's kinda like the everyday stuff of real life meets the X-Files. You can read the interview the blog did with them back in Feb. 2010, right here!
Derek and Nikki, who are both cancer survivors, talk about their comic strip, how it is made, where the characters came from, how they published their books (which are in our libraries!), and just how comics have been a helpful and positive thing in their lives. Nikki is incredibly imaginative, while Derek is one of the FASTEST sketch artists at events like conventions, book signings and Free Comic Book Day (don't believe me, ask DC cover artist Chrissie Zullo. Don't believe her and that's your mistake!).
The Cartooning Club is Thursday, March 15 at 5:30 and everyone from 6 to 96 is welcome to hear the Davis' story and pick up some drawing techniques as well as meet other talented artists, scribblers and scribes! The event is free and is located at the Union West Regional Library in Indian Trail. The library is just off of Highway 74 a half-mile up the road that Kate's Skate is on. Or it is just yards from the famous Johnny K's restaurant near the intersection of Indian Trail Rd and Unionville-Indian Trail Rd. For much better and clearer directions, go here or call 704-821-7475 ext 4 for details.

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