Sunday, May 13, 2012

Al Bigley pages for Tao Boy and Dirty Work! Special Preview!

 Local comics artist and pop culture guru Al Bigley has been hard at work on various independent projects. One is Tao Boy, which creator  hopes to stretch out to at least a third issue/chapter before shopping it to publishers and looking at other publishing options. The other big project Al has worked on is a short horror story called Dirty Work that is part of an anthology horror collection, ALIENS AMONG US ANTHOLOGY from Elevator Pitch Press. Al did the pencils and the inks on all these pages!
 Al has done work for Marvel, DC, Lucas Film, Warner Brothers, National Geographic Kids, and too many others to keep count of! He even had his own graphic novel, Geminar, published by Image and scripted by Terry Collins! If you want to see more of Al's work (especially his Batman stuff!) be sure to come see him at the Return of Mini-Con on Friday, June 15 here at the Union West Regional Library in Indian Trail!

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