Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Artist Profile: W0lly

I first met W0lly at Free Comic Book Day over at Rebel base Comics in Charlotte. I saw his table all sread out with so much color- color isn't unusual to see in an artist's work, but when you're a penciler, the majority of what you have to show off is traditional black and white. But W0lly (who goes by the handle of William Wallace on Facebook and uses a pop art picture of Jimmy Hendrix as his icon- is this guy cool or what?!) likes to take as much of his work from beginning to end as he can.

Speaking with him, and later looking at his website,, I realized this is one of the hardest working guys around! His convention schedule this year included or includes C2E2 in Chicago, Heroes Con in Charlotte, NY Comic Con, the Baltimore Comic Con, the Return of Mini-Con, and a couple others he is waiting to hear back on! Whew! And that doesn't include his live performance art that he does at music events, too!

W0lly's current comic resume includes The Legends of the Black Pandas, an anthropomorphic martial arts epic featuring some mean looking pandas, and Fairy Tale Knights - a project W0lly has not revealed much about at this point. The best thing about the Pandas project is that the writing, penciling, coloring and lettering were all done by W0lly- an army of one!

Despite his achievements, W0lly is firmly set on the road of independent comics. He said he tried to break in with Marvel and DC several times but was turned away for different reasons, one being they didn't know how to market his style of art. Being an independent doesn't always get you the name recognition (or income) but it does free a person up to do more of what they want to do creatively and W0lly is embracing that.

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