Monday, May 7, 2012

FCBD Round up

 Another FCBD has come and gone- but was it a success?  At it's heart, FCBD is designed to do two things- bring people to or back to comics, and to showcase what your company has to offer. For comic book stores, it gives them a chance to show what they have to offer in both new and old comics, books, toys, shirts and other collectibles. Plus they have the chance to guide new customers in making selections and recommendations.
 My sons and I went to Rebel Base Comics on Saturday morning. When we got there, just before the store opened, we were greeted with local artists showing off their skills- Jim McGee of the online comic Area 51 and W0lly of Rebel Stars Studio. Once in the store, we were able to choose from a great selection of comics. My older son was fortunate enough to snag the Carl Barks' Uncle Scrooge while I snagged the Green Lantern/Superman Family book.  A friend of ours joined us just before noon, but by then all the free comics were already gone- we let her pick through our assortment and she said she got the two she wanted.
 There were a few cosplayers scattered about- one as a classic Dr Who with the floppy hat, rainbow scarf and bag of gummies. The other cosplayers were wearing boxes on their heads with some pixilated pattern on it. I have no idea who they were supposed to be. (?!?)
 One of the Cartooning Club families showed up a little later after hitting Pennyworth's in Matthews where they gave a positive review of their experience there. I wanted to venture further into Charlotte to Heroes Aren't Hard to Find (I was hoping to get over there to meet the gang from Sketch Charlotte and snag one of their specail edition FCBD books! Rats- foiled again!), but the weather began looking a little ominous (though as it turns out, nothing happened), and the boys were getting quite hungry. So we made our way back home, stopping at a MCD's drive through on our way there. To really find out if FCBD was a success or not, stores and publishers are going to have to wait a few months and see if there is any rise in circulation or store visits or revenues.
 For my kids, the free comics are great, but they enjoy the crowds, the sales, the cosplay and so many of the other things associated with FCBD that it is something of a family event for us, and something we look forward to each year.

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