Monday, May 21, 2012

Stepping up for the kids!

Each year, publishers have stepped up to participate in our mini-con event, and this year is no exception! RightStuf! Media, which handles manga and anime and related materials sent a fantastic box of mixed goodies- pencil boards, t-shirts, bookmarks, key rings and more!
 Campfire Graphic Novels, who I have done several reviews on, sent a mixed box of graphic novels of all kinds of classic literature stories like Call of the Wild, Oliver Twist and Frankenstein. They are sending even more books featuring the writing of Dan Johnson for him to SIGN (win!) and give away! (double win!)

 A week or so ago, I posted a write-up of an interview I did with Chris Staros- publisher at Top Shelf Comix and one of the people on my list of "Comics Good Guys." Chris sent TWO boxes filled with this year's Free Comic Book Day edition to us (and he sent them BEFORE FCBD, too!). That's about 500 books, right there!
 :01 Books has also told me they are sending some books to us this year as well. :01 puts out some incredible graphic novels like Giants Beware and Friends With Boys that are well worth getting your hands on (whether that is free at the mini-con, through your library or buying a copy for yourself!).
 So if seeing great artists, collecting cool sketches, talking to skilled writers and just being in a comic book atmosphere isn't enough for you to want to come, maybe picking up some free comic books for summer reading will be!
 The big event is Friday, June 15 from 1:00- 5:30 at the Union West Regional Library in Indian Trail, The library will open for business as usual at 10 a.m. and will close at 6 p.m.

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