Friday, June 1, 2012

Comic Creator Gold Mine- Free Resources!

If you're like me, then you are in a state of being perpetually broke. This means that while it would be nice, you can't slap down some bucks for blue-lined layout sheets, or run out and get some sketch cards to practice on. Never fear! Graphic designer/ Comic book nerd Ralph Contreras has your back! At his blog, Comic Book Graphic Design, Contreras features a list of free printable sheets to help plan and organize your comic book project- from character design pages and turn-around sheets, to scene design pages (done on a grid for easy floor plan ideas) and page layout sheets. But that's not all! Contreras also has collected an impressive list of other educational blogs for aspiring artists to visit, and he posts a TON of handy instructional videos on his blog- some by him, others by top name artists in the industry. Take a few minutes, peruse through this blog, and get your printer warmed up! This place is a goldmine of resources for the starving comic book artist/ creator!

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