Monday, June 18, 2012

First Picture Batch from Mini-Con!

This is the first batch of photos to go up from the mini-con- all of these were taken by the incredible Al Bigley!
The Spartan ( was big, tall, and geared up in weapons and armor- quite an imposing sight! (Notice Capt. America is very smartly keeping his shield between him and the Spartan!)
Next- Al has an eye for the silver and bronze-age artists, and this great t-shirt of Spidey hitching a ride on Thor caught his eye!

Two crew members of the IKV Restless Star! Just so you know, that is how a Klingon smiles!

...and finally, a close-up shot of this cleverly hand-crafted Capt. America uniform (Not a costume. A uniform- he is a soldier, y'know!)

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