Friday, June 15, 2012

Mini-Con! Today is the Day!!!

Alright boys & girls, ladies and germs- today is the day I know many of you have been waiting for- the one big (and really only- wait- isn't that what "one" would imply?) comic book event in all of Union County!
 With the generous support of Oni Press, Top Shelf Comix, IDW, and others every child will leave with at least two comics of their own- some as many as four!!
 A great assortment of local artistic talent will be on display today as well, including Al Bigley (Geminar, Batman TAS, Avengers West Coast, Darkhawk, Archie, Sonic and a ton more stuff!), Henry Eudy (Big Dog Studios, Sketch Charlotte), Derek and Nikki Davis (The Ered Adventures), Troy Hasbrouck (publisher, writer and creative froce behind the "Night" comics, Jester Press, Rebel Base Comics, Jim McGee (Area 51 Comics), W0lly (Fairy Tale Knights, Legends of the Black Panda), John Tompkins (The Sword's Stories), Snow Wildsmith (A Parent's Guide to the 100 Best Comics for Kids), and MORE!
 Make sure you bring a notebook or something for the artist to write and sketch in for you. Be prepared to wait at times. Feel free to look at what is on the tables, but be careful about touching things. It's always best to ask first! Also, please don't bring food into the library- you don't want it spilling on someone's art or onto a pile of $20 books you weren't expecting to buy! And most of all- have fun!!

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