Thursday, June 21, 2012

Second Picture Batch from Mini Con!

 Here are more exhillaratingly exciting pics from Mini Con IV! All of these were taken by yours truly, using the library's camera. Enjoy them anyway!
Early crowd. Check out the Action Comics #1 banner hanging in the back left!

Capt. America making an appearance the day after we showed his movie.

 Henry Eudy working his hand into a cramp...
Jim McGee also risking a blown thumb.
Two senior officers of the IKV Restless Star, from Morganton, NC.

"I'm taking a picture of you, taking a picture of me, taking a picture of you..." Al Bigley showing off his impressive work at his table.

W0lly, who was the main artist in the meeting room. He also got featured on the front of the local paper.
Comics are for READING! Father and son look over the great stuff they picked up between the mini con and the library's collection.

My son, Landon, manning the Cartooning Club's table.

Snow Wildsmith. Between all the talking about comics and selling her books, she STILL had time to read!
Later in the mini con- Henry is still at it. Go! Go! Go! Go!

A budding artists tries his hand at comics at the table showing my art.

W0lly- working on a Captain America sketch for a young man.

Snow talks comics to a parent.

A Spartan Warrior. Notice ALL the people around him!

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