Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Tomorrow: Mini-Con Phase 2- Capt. America on Flag Day!

Thursday June 14 is Flag Day! And not just any ol' mamby-pamby fancy hanky kinda of flag, but the true-blue, red-blooded and pure white flag of the United States of America! To celebrate, the Union West Regional Library in Indian Trail will celebrate this occasion in true comic book fashion with a showing of Captain America: the First Avenger! The movie begins at 4:30, and I will warn you to get there early- space will fill up fast both in the movie room and in the parking lot!

 While not a perfect film, this latest incarnation of Steve Rogers and his alter ego is by far the best. The General (played by Tommy Lee Jones) and Howard Stark make for some great moments in the movie, and the first half of the film is just 40's nostalgic thrills! If you know your Marvel Universe, you will recognize the original Human Torch at the Expo, and the prototype to SHIELD's flying car unveiled by Howard Stark. The Howling Commandos get into the action in the movie (minus Nick Fury). The film is rated PG-13 for violence and some language. The showing is FREE!

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