Sunday, June 24, 2012

When Colaborations Work...

 When something just seems to work, you can tell. You may not be able to articulate it the way you wanted to, but the result gets you excited. It's a mix of your work and someone else's work coming together to make something new. This was the result on a couple of projects I have worked on. The first was a splash page/ pin-up type page of Captain Marvel swooping down on Black Adam's blindside. I did the pencils. They were very loose and I just drew over what I was changing- I don't recall erasing anything. Half as a joke, and half in curiosity, I passed it over to Henry Eudy, who is an amazingly talented inker, and said, "Hey, Henry- ink this!" I thought he might throw it back at me and say, "When it's done. Maybe." But instead Henry picked up his pens and got to work.
 About a year later at the mini-con, Henry got the picture back to me as he finished it in front of me. I couldn't believe it. I had seen sometime back the bit of captain Marvel's face he had done. While I was going for a more CC Beck look to the character, when I saw Henry's embellishments I thought, " My gosh! That looks more like Jeff Smith's take on the character! I love it!"
 After Henry handed me the completed art, I scanned it as best as I could into a scanner (even trying to reduce it, some of the bottom and the right were somehow cut off) and then colored it in GIMP. I couldn't be more pleased with how this turned out!

 Another project I had involved creating a new character. I saw the words Snake Luster on a shoe box one day and thought it sounded a lot like a B-movie action hero. So I began trying to develop a character to fit the name. Somehow along the way I made him the captain of a pirate crew made up of monsters. But I was stuck as to how he should look. I called on fan-fic writer Alory Shannon (not gonna use her real name) to help. She loved the premise and sent me a long detailed write-up on snake-like gimmiks he could have that would dictate his clothing, his fighting style, the way he thinks, etc. I took that write-up and came up with a visual. I loved the ideas and she loved seeing the figure fleshed out! Another moment where two different things come together to make something great.

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